Color Trends for 2018

Vibrant colors appear to be the go to for 2018!

Sherwin Williams has chosen Oceanside (SW 6496), a rich jewel-toned blue green.


Benjamin Moore puts forth a beautifully intense red named Caliente (AF-290).

PPG has selected Black Flame (PPG1043-7) an indigo-black hue which sits in strong contrast to the light grays and whites of the past several years.

You may not be a color afficionado like us, but color trends throughout history in the United States is an interesting thing. Colors can become so iconic. A 1970s avocado green bathtub, a 1980s pastel pink tile bathroom, a 1990s tan living room, and more recently light gray everything!

In 2018, rich bold pops of color are key. These should still be balanced out with lighter neutrals to create an overall harmony in the home. In choosing a color palette it is helpful to take into consideration the complete decoration and lighting of the room. A bold color, such as the three noted above, may only need to be showcased in small amounts as an accent wall, throw pillows, and/or a painted side table to still show a lot of drama.